• Empowerment as a Service
    Empowerment As A Service
  • Digital Collaboration
    Digital Collaboration
  • A single app for global digital inclusion
    A Single App For Global Digital Inclusion
  • Powering Smart Cities
    Powering Smart Cities
  • Connect, Transact, Grow
    Connect, Transact, Grow
  • Your window to Infinity
    Your Window To Infinity
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Enter Bubble Technologies (EBT)

Enter Bubble Technologies

We invented and designed the concept of “Empowerment as a Service”. One solution for Universal Digital inclusion and Transformation.

Enter Bubble Technologies (EBT) is a disruptive digital framework with the potential to revolutionize smart cities and industries through spontaneous micro social networking across the planet. The ground-breaking technology allows brands to digitally engage with customers in a multitude of ways. Our EBT framework provides true digital fulfilment, empowering institutions to follow their target audience and customer journey accurately and more closely.

Enter Bubble Technologies is one of the four verticals of Smile Turtle Group (STG).

Enter Bubble Technologies

“Bubble the World”


To be the most powerful micro social networking company on earth.

Vijay Antony Alen
Founder & CEO

Vijay Antony Alen (Vijay) is the Founder and CEO of Enter Bubble Technologies (EBT). Vijay has close to 20 years of experience in Technology and Core Banking. He has worked with Core Banking clients and Credit Unions across the globe and has effectively delivered several successful product architectures, innovative trends, designs and solutions as well as projects in this domain.

Prior to founding Enter Bubble Technologies (EBT), Vijay spent 18 years in Temenos, a Swiss-based Core Banking software giant, where he started out as a developer in 2001. He carries a passion for innovation and leveraging technology and has been appreciated by all his clients, for his deep focus on client satisfaction and reciprocation of the trust that clients have bestowed on him.

Having worked with over 500 institutions, Vijay built a world class team at Enter Bubble Technologies (EBT) to continue to support Core Banking clients, Credit Unions and other large corporates in effectively achieving their business needs and digital transformation goals.

Vijay co-founded the entire expert services practice at Temenos, working with Mr. Steve Williams, the founder of Temenos Expert Services, who is now a part of our team. Mr. George Koukis (Founder of Temenos) has referred to Vijay as one of the best Temenosians on a global level. “The Man with All the Answers” was the first official Temenos Expert Services global press release which featured Vijay’s role as the first ever Temenos Client Architect.